Aleksandar Zaar was born in Mannheim, Germany (1971) to parents from former Yugoslavia. In the mid 90′s he moved to the UK to pursuit a university degree in Architecture. It was in London where his passion for photography and painting found the perfect land to grow and his true vocation awoke. In 2001, Zaar settled down in France -his home for over a decade- where he started to fully develop his artistic career. He currently lives and works in Berlin/Barcelona.

Zaar’s work questions identity, the passage of time and memory. Through seriality and repetition, his compositions -paintings and photographies- try to reveal the invisible, the hidden, the existence of “something” missing. A notion of absence runs throughout his body of work.

Zaar’s work has been presented in various solo¹ and collective² exhibitions in international festivals and galleries, such as:

2017 | Coleccion Al Limite SIN LIMITES AAL/Fundación Telefónica , Santiago de Chile ²

2017 | plans for the past [Kunst] PROJEKTE MONICA RUPPERT, Mannheim, Germany ¹

2016 | Nychthemeron Nora Sotres Galería, Mexico-City, Mexico ¹

2016 | Crossing the Line Alliance Française (Polanco), Mexico-City, Mexico ¹

2016 | Diario Íntimo RAW Gallery, Mannheim, Germany ¹

2015 | Diario Íntimo Galería Utopia Parkway, Madrid, Spain ¹

2011 | Il est interdit d’interdire Fetart, Paris, France ²

2010 | Antennes Photos, Arles, France ²

2010 | Mikser Festival, Belgrade, Serbia ²

2010 | A.C.T. The Art Loft, Mumbai, India ²

2010 | Musée ARTEUM, Châteauneuf-Le-Rouge, France ²

2008 | It’s not over yet INVISIBLE-EXPORTS, New York, USA ²

2008 | Food for your eyes, Paris, France ²

2008 | Fondation ONA, Casablanca, Morocco ²

2006 | Fondation Cari, Carros, France ²

2006 | Les Rencontres de la Photographie, Timisoara, Romania ²

2005 | Château de Servièrs, Marseille, France ²

2002 | Galerija Knap, Sarajevo, Bosnia ¹

His work mainly resides in private collections (Germany, France, Spain, U.K., Morocco, Mexico), as well as in Foundations in Morocco (Fondation ONA) and in France (Fondation Cari).